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Why rental:

Why Computer Rentals?


With the skyrocketing price of technical equipment, it’s getting difficult for customers to buy the much-needed high-end laptops or desktops. Minus that, even if one buys the latest version, it’ll become obsolete the moment an enhanced version launches in the market. Whether you’re unemployed, a freelancer, or a start-up, you’ll always face the dilemma of buying a new laptop versus laptop on rent. Buying new laptop can be daunting for those with low budgets. Its maintenance, servicing, and accessories may cost a lot of money. Despite that, if any part gets damaged, that too will impact your pockets substantially. Therefore, laptop rental are the best option in such cases.


Here are some benefits of Rentals:


  • Cost-effective


Laptop rental is an easy-to-pocket way to get your desired equipment in a minimal amount of money. You’ll get the luxury to use multiple laptops or desktops – from entry-level to high-end. You can even use their accessories for free or by taking laptop on rent for less money.


  • Lessen your financial burden


So you bought a gadget by redeeming your FDs (fixed deposit) or selling gold. However, after a few months, you’re stuck, because your gadget developed a technical problem. The estimated repairing cost is more than your savings. As a result, you regret buying the gadget. With EMIs, this would be the worst situation that you have to face. Because then you’ll have two payments to give. In both circumstances, your financial burden is at its peak. Therefore, the best solution for them is – taking your gadgets for rent. Using the rental option won’t put up pressure on your finances. Additionally, it’ll give you the freedom to spend money only when you need the gadget and not unnecessarily.


  • No need to slot space


The most pertinent merit of computer rental is you don’t have to slot space for the equipment. Be it home or an office, just hire laptops or computers whenever required, and return. That way, you are not bounded to engage a space forever.


  • No disposal cost


This is an essential part of every IT company. First of all, as per the government’s regulations, all IT companies must dispose of their gadgets for environmental compliance. Secondly, correct computer disposal is a must for data privacy and security against leaking. Consequently, disposal companies will charge an extra amount to dispose of your gadget’s data. All these hassle jobs come along with buying these devices. Instead of getting stuck amidst this fuss, go for computer rental for usage. You don’t owe the gadget, so the onus is not on you to dispose of it. This way, there’s no disposal cost left.


  • Zero up-gradation cost


Yes. When you’re opting for rental services, it’s their responsibility to provide you with the latest versions of gadgets. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about forking out thousands of rupees. Just get hold of the latest gadgets with zero up-gradation cost.


  • Getting to use various models without any commitment


When you’re buying the latest model, you’re stuck with it to its grave. With renting, there’s no such issue. If you do not like any particular model, you can get a different one next time you rent it. However, that’s not true for buying any equipment. Like it or not, if you get bored of it after some time, you can’t help it. You have to use it.


  • No laptop hanging or any other technical problems


Since the computer rental services ensure fine pre-servicing of gadgets before lending them to customers, no technical problems like hanging occur while using the gadget. Well-established companies will also make sure to provide you gadgets that are in a good-nick and ready to use.


  • Get what you want according to your needs


Many people end up buying high-end laptops for basic tasks and regrets purchasing them subsequently. You need to understand your need, whether you want entry-level, mid-range, or high-end laptops or desktops. However, by computer rental you need to worry a bit less. In renting, even if you get a high-end laptop on rent, you can always exchange it whenever you want. This way, you won’t end up squandering a big amount.


  • 24/7 free technical services


One doesn’t need to worry if any technical problem occurs in the gadget. The computer rental services assure you of 24/7 free help desk support. Their services include a 24-hour replacement guarantee with no additional cost.


  • Tax benefits


You read that true. If you take a laptop for rent, it won’t include tax costs. Especially, companies that rent laptops or any equipment will save up tax money. Thus, many companies these days rent laptops or desktops instead of buying them. This way, they’re relieved of taxes.


  • The best way when you’re confused as to which gadget to buy


Imagine you bought a particular gadget for your use or multiple gadgets for your company. Later, you realize that it’s become old and you don’t need it anymore. Selling it in a second-hand market wouldn’t give you a satisfactory amount too. What will you do now? Nothing. You’re stuck with it now. To avoid such a situation, go for rental services. Get whichever gadget you need at any moment and any period. Try multiple gadgets, and then conclude by buying your favorite.


In conclusion:


From being cost-effective, less financial strain, no disposal cost, zero up-gradation cost, no technical problems, 24/ 7 technical support, tax benefits, to figuring out your needs, we’ve presented all the pros of renting technical equipment or gadgets. Those days are gone when you had just one option – buying. The scenario has changed with the times and convenience of people. Commitment is obsolete. Flexibility is the new vogue. Experience the change. Don’t strain your pockets or burden your head with upcoming EMI. Therefore, opt for rentals.


Now, as you’re aware of all these things, make sure you go through every point and then make a decision. Besides, the decision to buy or rent is your decision. It depends on an individual and varies accordingly. However, picking a rental is much better than buying.





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